Mo Workout Timer

Welcome to Mo Workout Timer!

mo workout timer

How it work

It's simple - Exercise and earn credit that you can use at Every minute you complete your workout on the app, you'll be earning store credit that you can redeem at Mosocks.

Store Credit

For every minute you complete your exercise (rest time included!) on the app, you'll earn $0.02 worth of MoSocks Store Credit. Your workout time will only count when the complete page is loaded. You will be able to redeem your credit every $5 you accumulate. Once you reach $5, you'll see a redeem button on the "Settings" page. Once you redeem, your workout hours will reset to 0.

Store credit is good to use for 90 days. After you redeem your credit and exit the app, your discount code will disappear. Please make sure to copy the code somewhere for later use.

How to redeem

Once you redeem your credit, you can apply the code in at the Cart page.

Available at

If you have any questions, please reach out to