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You’ll never go out of style by wearing these Socks from MoSocks. You’ll love wearing these adorable cotton socks with your favorite flats, sandals, ballet flats or sneakers

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1. Lovely Design

Effortlessly chic socks from MoSocks feature lovely, unique designs and stand-out colors perfect for accessorizing your shoe collection. Lightweight, thin, and invisible, MoSocks can be worn with or without shoes. Made to fit every size, MoSocks are the ideal wear-anywhere, go-anywhere accessory.

2. Great Colors & Creative Pattern

With an array of various colors and a creative pattern, these socks are designed with texture to feel good around the house, or just to wear as a conversation piece.

3. Comfortable Fit & Everyday Use

MoSocks spring collection socks are fantastic for everyday use – office, home or gym.

4. Soft Material

The spring socks are designed to be lightweight, durable, breathable and long-lasting. And the round free form toe adds comfort without sacrificing style.

5. Muted Tone

The spring socks featured muted tone in terms of color choices - they will complete your look without overwhelming the outfit.

The polka dot socks are super fun, but the colors are subtle enough not to overwhelm an outfit. I’ve worn a different pair every day this week! I’m very happy with the quality as well.

Jamie Ribbons


Everyone wears socks, but they're not getting enough attention. We think that can change. We think the socks can add a character to your look and that's why we made MoSocks.

These spring collection socks add a touch of creativity to make your outfit distinct. Snap a picture with your smartphone and share it with family and friends on social media. 


Finally a soft cozy sock that you actually want to wear. The Cloud-like soft feel material will make your feet feel like they are floating on a cloud. 

Ultra-light and stretchy for the most enjoyable run, jump, walk, or any everyday use.

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love these socks! They add a cuteness to any outfit. xx

Cristen Kauffman


1. Think about how you will match them up with your outfit.
2. Choose the socks color based on your pants/skirts/dress and shoes.
3. Enjoy your outfit!

Washing Instruction

We recommend the following for the washing these socks:
1. Separate these with other cotton socks
2. Turn inside-out and organize them into pairs
3. Wash in cold water, gentle cycle with light detergent
4. Turn them right-side out
5. Hang dry

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These socks prompted me to toss all of my old socks that I’ve been holding onto for too long. I love them so much I gifted two pairs to my mom and sister so that they could join the party!! I most definitely be ordering again!

Jill Kolodzieski

The socks are lightweight and perfect for summer wear in running shoes, or regular shoes that require socks. I will order more of them for sure.


I love these socks!! The color combinations are so cool and the quality is amazing. I am hooked.

Ann Haugen

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